Brittany C from California wrote:

Great product. We had different ones before and thought they were good until we received yours and we were blown away! They were 10 times better!! The result was great. Will always order from you in the future. Thanks

Sunny McGuire from Alabama wrote:

fast shipper, great product

Louise Andersen from Idaho wrote:

My customers loved these. 
I'm sending another order 
for 2 boxes of 12. please rush! 
I've run out. 
Thanx, Louise

Loula Reed from Arizona wrote:

I really loved these ear candles! It was my first try and I did the whole family as well! I will tell others and re-order myself/ 
Thank You....Loua

Gloria Estevez from Arizona wrote:

The best ever!! The candles were everything you said!

HometherepyGroup from California wrote:

Please send info on wholesale orders. We'd like to have them in our stores.

Erwin L from Louisiana wrote:

Thanks for the great service.

Lisa 0artin wrote:

Thanks. They're awesome. Peace.

Mary Slovowsky from Iowa wrote:

Your candles are the best value & work better than all the others I've tried.

Shari Edgewood from Connecticut wrote:

I will be ordering another two dozen. My clients all loved them.

Alice Benson from California wrote:

I have purchased many other companies Beeswax ear candles in the past, and have to tell you that this brand is second to none! I use them in my Spa and my clients all love how soothing and theraputic they are! Customer service was so fast and re-ordering was a breeze. A must try experience.

Woody Taylor from Arizona wrote:

These ear candles are so great, I will be buying more soon! Others I have tried seem to not work as well as these. They are a pure quality item that is for sure! What a great company as the service I received was very friendly and helpful.

Mary Vanso from California wrote:

These are the best ear candles I have ever tried! I am having an all girls night and plan to try them out with the girls! Will let you know how it turned out! I will plan on purchasing alot more in the future that's for sure!

Gordy Levin from Connecticut wrote:

Tried them all! These are best burning with best results!

Eric Von from Florida wrote:

I was in the market for some really quality ear candles and finally have found them. These worked great and I will be placing another order real soon! Thanks for the fun experience.

El Gringo from Ohio wrote:

The quality of your candles were very impressive and the customer service was second to none! Thanks