History of Ear Candles

Evidence exists that shows people were practiced in the art of ear candling as early as 2500 BC. Parchment scrolls found in the Orient, have described the procedure used then, very much the same as used today. Egyptians and other ancient cultures, such as the Hopi Indians of America, have also described thier use.
This ancient therapuetic art may have been developed by the domestication of both the Asian and European honeybee. Beeswax, in it's pure form, was, and still is, the main ingredient used in ear candling. Linens made from flax seed was the priciple cloth used in ancient times. Today, cotton muslin, unbleached and free of chemicals additives is the choice material.

Beeswaxearcandles.com uses only pure 100% American Beeswax and 100% Unbleached Cotton Muslin. We do not use any parrafin, petro-chemicals, or chemically enhanced fragrance oils that the marketplace today is saturated with. Only pure and natural ingredients are used in our ear candles. For centuries, tens of thousands of claims have been made about the benefits of ear candling.

Among them are:

Improvement of hearing,
Sharpened senses of smell and taste,
Relief of sinus pressure,
Clearing the eyes,
Fortify the central nervous system,
Reduce stress,
Purify the blood,
Release blocked energy,
Open the chakras,
Aid sinusitus,
Cleanse the ear canal,
Regulate pressure,
Assist lymphatic circulation,
Stabilize emotions,
Strengthen the brain,
Improve hearing,
Stop tinnitis,
Relieve vertigo,

Just to name a few.

While using ear candles properly may obtain some results, we are in no way making any specific claims. Ear candles are not a medical device, nor should they be substituted for professional medical treatment. They are a simple and inexpensive home remedy, for entertainment purposes, with no gauranteed results. Please use common sense and extreme caution when using ear candles, as there is fire involved. Children should never be allowed to perform the candling process. Beeswaxearcandles.com does not assume any liability for damage and/or misuse of this product.