Welcome to the Modern World of Ear Candles! No longer just an ancient tradition, ear candling is simple, non-evasive, soothing, and a fun home treatment. We take extreme pride in knowing that our ear candles are a quality and consistent product. Beeswaxearcandles.com offers the finest ear candles sold anywhere. We start with 100% pure natural beeswax from the hive. It is then filtered and clarified to remove unwanted impurities such as dirt, bee body parts, caramelized honey, and other impurities to insure a clean and even burn. Each candle is individually handmade and dipped twice with 100% beeswax. You will notice the thicker coating of beeswax compared to others products. Together with 100% unbleached cotton muslin, free of chemicals, our handmade ear candles are among the longest burning you will find. We offer our beeswax ear candles, packaged in a kraft windowed box made of recycled material. The box insures that the candles remain free of dust and dirt and protect them from being crushed.