Ear Candling Procedure

Supplies you will need:

An assistant
Foil wrapped paper plate
A damp towel
A glass/bowl of water
1-2 beeswaxearcandles
Soft lights (optional)
Relaxing music (optional)

Ear candling procedure:

The person being “candled” should lie comfortably on their side. A pillow should be placed under the head for comfort. You may also choose to sit in an upright position, if you feel that would be more comfortable.

Place a towel on the participant to cover the side of the face, neck and shoulders. The towel may even be slightly damp. Using a pencil or pen, make a hole in the center of the foil covered plate, rotating it to enlarge the hole so that the candle will fit snuggly into the plate. The tapered end of the candle is then inserted through the hole about 1”. Place the tapered end of the candle gently into the opening of the ear. The participant should do this themselves and let you know when the candle is in place, sealing the ear canal comfortably.

Light the large end of the ear candle, keeping the candle verticle as it burns. If any smoke comes out near the base of the candle by the ear, the candle may need to be a bit more snug in the ear itself. It should never be forced into the ear, or hurt! Keep communication open with the person being candled to be sure everything is going fine.

The participant should experience some crackling, and ocean like sounds during the procedure, this is normal. Try to keep noise at a minimum, so that the person being candled has a very relaxed atmosphere.

When the candle has burned for a while, and the ash is about 1” long, use the scissors to cut off the ash only. Keep the scissors level when cutting the ash and move it to the container of water. Continue this process until the candle has burned down to 2 to 3 inches from the plate. The entire burn time should be from 12 to 14 minutes. The participant should remove the plate and candle from the ear and extinguish the candle in the water container.

At this point, it may be desirable to continue to relax for a period of time to get the full benefit of the experience. This would be a great time for a massage as well. Enjoy!

While using ear candles properly may obtain some results, we are in no way making any specific claims. Ear candles are not a medical device, nor should they be substituted for professional medical treatment. They are a simple and inexpensive home remedy, for entertainment purposes, with no gauranteed results. Please use common sense and extreme caution when using ear candles, as there is fire involved. Children should never be allowed to perform the candling process. Beeswaxearcandles.com does not assume any liability for damage and/or misuse of this product.